‘American Horror Story: Asylum’: Chloe Sevigny on Shelley’s [spoiler]

We start off this piece on “American Horror Story: Asylum” with a massive warning: if you have yet to watch Wednesday night’s new episode of the show, you should run away from this post as fast as possible. Otherwise, read on.

So did you see that ending coming? The moment we saw Chloe Sevigny’s character of Shelley captured by Arden (James Cromwell), we knew that she was going to be in a very bad place at the end of the episode. With that being said, having her legs reduced to stubs was not anywhere on the radar. It was a terrifying moment, but just as unnerving as this act was, so is the simple question of what happens next. It doesn’t seem possible that Arden is going to release her again to the general popular since he would be found out, and she is instead going to just suffer inwardly.

As she tells TVLine, this change in circumstances for her is going to make her a pretty sympathetic character, even if she has not necessarily done very sympathetic things to this point:

“In the beginning you kind of are not so much rooting for her, because she’s this bad girl, but then you see her helping [the others] try to escape and you realize she’s pretty selfless in that regard … And after she gets in the clutches of the evil doctor, you’re more rooting for her, that she can find her way out [of her predicament].”

So what are Sevigny’s chances of actually surviving something like this? At the moment, it really does not look that great being that there’s really nowhere that she can run anymore. After all, she is not going to ever be the same person again even if she does manage somehow to make it out of here alive.

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