9-1-1 season 3: Oliver Stark discusses Buck, Eddie relationship, fandom

Buck and EddieMrs. Carter: Is there ever going to be something more blossoming between Buck and Eddie on 9-1-1 season 3?

If you look around the internet, there’s clearly a great deal of support for the idea of the two of them together. Yet, like with many other ‘ships, there is no guarantee that the two will ever get together. There is a lot of chemistry there, and there’s definitely a lot of attention. We’ve heard the question asked to producers and cast members on ‘Buddie” many a time, but there’s no clear answer one way or another as to what’s going to happen.

Yet, today series star Oliver Stark did something that I don’t often see for actors on any television show — address the subject matter of a ‘ship head-on. In a new post on Twitter, Stark explained where he stood on the subject of the ‘ship, noting that he supports the love and support from the fandom but also that he doesn’t know where the story is going to go. He also noted that he doesn’t often retweet messages about the ‘ship out of fear of causing false hope among many fans out there. There are twelve episodes that have been filmed so far for season 3, so that’s as far as he knows in terms of the overall direction to the show.

In the end, it does seem as though Stark is open to playing a Buck – Eddie relationship if the writers ever go that direction with it. If it stays platonic, that’s also something that he will continue to engage in. He doesn’t have any control of the story, but the writers certainly know where a lot of the enthusiasm lies on the internet. Whether or not that translates into the show itself, however, still remains to be seen.

For now, 9-1-1 is in the earliest stages of a long hiatus. With that in mind, it’s going to be a while before answers are delivered on some stories. It could be a good bit longer on anything Buck/Eddie.

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