NCIS: Los Angeles exclusive: Eric Christian Olsen on Deeks, Kensi’s future

Eric Christian OlsenMoving into next week’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode, know that there is going to be a big storyline for Kensi and Deeks. The two will be having more conversations about their future and having kids than ever before, and there are a lot of things to weigh with that. There is the stress of the job, just as there are also the typical questions that any potential parents-to-be wonder. Will they be good at it? Will their kids love them? Kids can bring great joy, but the path leading up to it also brings about great insecurity.

It’s with this in mind that Eric Christian Olsen notes that next week’s “Answers” is going to be such a complicated, emotional episode for his and Daniela Ruah’s characters. Speaking to CarterMatt as a part of our recent interview, Olsen had the following to say about a powerful conversation that is coming:

You look at the past of these two characters — they don’t have strong blueprints of what parenthood should be, of what a strong partnership should be as far as a marriage. Deeks’ dad was a fraudulent man and his mom didn’t know how to handle it. Kensi had a great father, but her mom was a little distant and cold. There’s something beautiful about these characters loving each other enough to try and break the cycle. That’s part of what they’re exploring in a really wonderful, honest, heartbreaking way.

I think there is an unfair blueprint for masculinity among male characters, especially on broadcast television. I think there’s something wonderfully human about him just trying to put it together. There are moments of great strength and great vulnerability, and it’s the moments of great vulnerability that make him the most human. That’s why, as an audience, we attach ourselves to those moments. They are so human and broken and afraid.

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In the end, this leaves a lot wide open in terms of what Deeks and Kensi will decide for their long-term future, but we think kids is going to be a significant part of what they want. They just have to navigate how they are going to work in order to make sure it happens, and also what effect it could end up having on the job.

“Answers” will air on CBS come Sunday, December 8.

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