‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 finale spoilers: The wildest photo yet?

There are some things that we really never expected to see when it comes to “Downton Abbey,” and one of them is the latest photo that we have posted here for our preview series. The season finale is just a couple of days … and someone is going to be celebrating!

Just when it comes to mere colors alone, this photo is rich with so many blues and yellows it almost feels like it’s in a different world (and not the one that ITV references whenever they go to commercial breaks). The one constant in here is the presence of both Edith and Matthew, so are going to have a rare opportunity to spend some time together here. What has caused them to get away from the rest of the gang for a few minutes? If we were to guess, we would simply say that Edith is down in London in order to oversee her new occupation as an editor, whereas Matthew may be on some official Downton business now that he is helping to run the estate.

What is to be appreciated here is how this photo is in many ways a reflection of some of Robert’s own feelings about the times, and that they are changing regardless of whether or not he wants them to. This would hardly be a place where we would ever see him appear; however, this is the sort of place where Matthew, who wants desperately to push the Abbey forward into the 20th century, would be seen with other revolutionaries of his time. Let’s just hope that there is something greater going on in this scene than just pretty colors.

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