‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Who’s knocking on death’s door?

This should be no surprise at the moment for anyone who is watching “The Walking Dead” on a regular basis: by the time the next episode airs, it is very possible that we could bee seeing a pair of characters end up biting the dust. So who are these two characters? For the time being, that is a part of the mystery, along with just how they could end up dying if that is to be their fate, but the masterminds behind the hit series have never been afraid to rock the boat by killing off main characters, so it could really be anyone.

According to a new report from TV Guide, there are actually going to be two people who are going to be on the verge of death at the end of the next episode, and in some way they could be responsible for their own demise. How so? Let’s just say that they have each made some moves to help out some other people, and they could end up feeling the consequences as a result. (If they do go, at least they will do so as heroes.)

What really makes this show interesting is that even though it is based off the Robert Kirkman graphic novels, the moves that producers have already made here are an indication that they have no problem straying from the original source material. That means that we could still see a number of interesting twists coming up soon, as well as some deaths of characters that could go before they do in the books.

Who do you think are the most likely characters to end up losing their lives?

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