‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: Who’s about to get engaged? (video)

Even though Hurricane Sandy kept a new episode of “Gossip Girl” from airing on Monday night, The CW for whatever reason opted to still air a new preview for the next episode of the season, anyway. Therefore, don’t read on if you want to avoid any and all spoilers about what may have happened in the episode that will air next.

Basically, what we take from the video below is rather simple: not only are Serena and Steven still together, but they may actually be looking to take the next step in their relationship via marriage. The new beau for Blake Lively’s Upper East Side staple is thinking about a way to pop the question, but there are a pair of troublesome people may get in the way:

1. Sage. We already know that she is no fan of Serena, and for that matter is really no fan of anyone who tries to get in the way of her own relationship with her dad. With that in mind, she’s going to do everything that she can to keep this relationship from happening.

2. Blair. Should you really be surprised by this at all? Sage is specifically going to try and seek out Serena’s old frenemy as a way to cause her even more trouble than usual, but it’s still to be seen as to whether or not she will help her out. Even though Serena and Blair may not be that close at the moment, we don’t really think one blames the other one for the great fashion show disaster that happened during the last new episode.

Based on the photos of Dan and Serena getting married that are floating around the web (though these may have been a red herring designed to trick fans), we’re guessing this engagement doesn’t happen … but do you want it to? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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