The Blacklist season 7: Who is Patrick Masuda? Katarina ties

The BlacklistTonight, The Blacklist season 7 chose to introduce Patrick Masuda, a character first referenced a couple of weeks ago. Yet, who is he?

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What we learned about Patrick is that after there was some carnage inflicted on those he cared about, she took him under her wing. She helped to ensure that he was okay, and also got him treatment when he was sick. Hence, the involvement with Norman Devane.

Yet, why wasn’t Patrick better off? Why was he selling lifted sound systems and living a life filled with petty crimes? There are questions aplenty still surrounding that, given that Katarina is, at least in theory, meant to be somewhat cold — that’s at least been the story on her for such a long period of time. Reddington kidnapped Patrick in order to ensure that he could draw out Katarina, but rather than give in, she was willing to let him go.

Katarina’s claim regarding Patrick was that he wasn’t a part of anything; with that, he didn’t need to die. Yet, Reddington argued the same exact thing about Dom. He hadn’t been a par of anything for years and with that, didn’t deserve anything that came his way.

Ultimately, we’re somewhat unsure as to what sort of role Masuda will be on The Blacklist season 7 moving forward. We know that Katarina cares about him, but to what extent? Maybe there’s going to be a chance to get a little bit more in the way of answers here before too long.

For now, though, consider Patrick Masuda to be just another interesting cog in the complicated mythology that is this show as a whole.

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