Disney+ snags 10 million subscribers, Netflix teams with Nickelodeon

Disney+We expected Disney+ to gain a lot of subscribers, but we were beyond impressed with these numbers!

Even though the streaming service had a few glitches when it first launched, it didn’t deter more then 10 million people from subscribing to the new streaming service. When it comes to a brand like Disney it was really no surprise that people would be lining up for this service (including us!). After all, you’ll be able to not only watch all of your favorite Disney movies there, but they also own Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars! This is a really wide breadth as the streaming services is showing that it’s not just for parents wanting to have access to the Disney princess library for their kids. Instead it’s also taking aim at nerd culture (something that we are VERY familiar with being two of the biggest nerds on the planet) as it will be bringing in new IP’s like the Star Wars based show called The Mandalorian.

Disney is predicting numbers around 60 million by 2024 and they are well on their way. For a bit of comparison Hulu reportedly has about 30 million while Netflix is said to have closer to 150 million. So should Netflix be nervous with numbers like these? Until now, there really wasn’t much in the way of competition for them in the streaming game and we don’t see them slowing down. As it turns out, Netflix has just brokered a deal with Nickelodeon to produce films and television series which should help with Netflix losing all of their Disney content.

Really we feel that these two streaming services are targeting very different audiences and that there should be more then enough room for everyone. While Disney seems to be leaning into the kids and nerd market, Netflix still remains a hot spot that has a little bit of TV comfort food for everyone, no matter your taste. Personally we have both services and feel that they each have something to offer that the other doesn’t, so we see a bright future ahead for both. That being said a bit of healthy competition is good for everyone considering that Netflix has dominated this space for years.

What do you think of the Disney+ numbers and do you think that Netflix is going to take a huge hit from this? Leave us your thoughts in the box below. (Photo: Disney+)

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