Chicago Med interview: EPs tease season 5 fall finale, multiple cliffhangers

Chicago MedWednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time will serve as the Chicago Med fall finale, and you better be prepared for all sorts of emotional fireworks. This is where Natalie is going to remember more of what happened leading up to the accident last spring, and where several relationship plots are going to escalate. You may cheer at times and cry at others — what else would you expect from a Chicago Med fall finale?

As we prepare for the big finale to air, now does feel like the right time to hear from some of the people associated with the NBC drama. Below, executive producers Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov tell CarterMatt what you can expect in terms of Natalie’s emotional revelation, tough times coming for Dr. Charles, and also how there is more than one cliffhanger to be prepared for…

CarterMatt – When you first started the season, did you have a good sense as to where you were going in the midseason finale?

Diane Frolov – A lot of it. We were talking about how we were going to finish these arcs, and they all either come to a head…

Andrew Schneider – …Or they have a major event that will propel them further.

Frolov – We’ve been discussing it for a long time. We almost have to in order to fill these stories.

Schneider – We also need to have something to come back to six weeks later.

There’s a line in the synopsis for the finale that is piquing my curiosity, and it’s about Natalie regaining her memories. I’m sure that this is an interesting idea both for you to write and for Torrey [DeVitto] to play, that there is this part of her that is suddenly back. How could this fundamentally change her?

Frolov – She’s misinterpreted things. She’s seen a world a certain way because of what happened. As her memory comes back, she discovers that the world as she’s been seeing it is not quite right.

Schneider – Her intent [that day of the accident] was not what she thought it was, particularly in regards to Will.

I know that in this world, nothing ever stays great for anyone for too long, and it sounds like there could be something coming for Dr. Charles…

Frolov – It’s a very emotional story — I’ll put it that way. He has found love again.

It’s pretty much a One Chicago tradition at this point for there to be something at the end of the episode to leave us screaming at our television. Is that something that we should be expecting here?

Schneider – I think you’ll get it.

Frolov (laughs) – I think you might be shouting. We hope so!

Honestly, is that [cliffhanger] something that is really fun for you guys to come up with?

Frolov – It is. It’s a very satisfying thing where you can see how these stories weave and where they come together.

Schneider – But even though a development may be shocking, it’s not out of the blue. It is based in who these people are and what their journey has been.

So no matter what the cliffhanger is, will it be something that plays out for a little while?

Frolov – Yeah. A couple of them are going to play out for a while.

Schneider – There’s more than one cliffhanger…

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