ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: The worst wedding bells ever (video)

More often than not, you like to think about happy things when you picture a wedding in your head, like roses, bells chiming, or beautiful gowns in romantic destinations. The last thing you want to think about are devious plots, violence, and people getting ridiculously stressed out and very sweaty.

Unfortunately for the characters on “Revenge,” it appears that Sunday night’s new episode “Illusion” is really going to focus more on the latter rather than the former. Specifically, we are going to see Emily Thorne up to some of her vengeful season 1 ways (it’s about time) as she attends the worst vow renewal ceremony ever for Victoria and Conrad Grayson, shares a few choice words with Daniel, and then looks as though she is up to something majorly sinister. We have a feeling that she is going to be looking at this world from a little bit of a different viewpoint, as she is now dealing with the fact that her mother is alive despite what her father said, and that she did not exactly have the best intentions for her so many years ago.

As for what else is going to happen during this episode, ABC and the writers are keeping things very close to the vest. Know this, though: the November sweeps is when networks like to make moves that are beyond jaw-dropping, and such a move could very well happen during this episode that makes up for Emily not be particularly awesome in the past few weeks.

What do you think is going to happen during this incredibly awkward wedding?

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