‘Arrow’ spoilers: How will Oliver handle new allegiance?

On last week’s new episode of “Arrow,” Oliver Queen found himself in a rather unique situation when someone rather close to him ended up learning the truth about not just who he is, but what he has been up to: his bodyguard Dig. In many situations, having someone learn the truth about who you really care can be a bad thing; however, it doesn’t have to be by any means, especially when this person just so happens to be someone with quite a reputation of their own for being a warrior.

So how will these two work together now that the secret is out about Oliver’s alter ego? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that what these two will have now is more of a symbiotic relationship than just a classic superhero and his sidekick:

“We always say that if Oliver is the dark then Dig is the light and the truth is somewhere in between … They really need each other — Oliver needs someone to remind him of the value of life and that the extreme way is not the only way. And that sort of push and pull between the characters has given us so many great episodes because you get to see them not just having fun as partners but also see them wrestle with the morality of this quest they are both on … Since [Dig has] come back and is in personal security, he feels like he’s not making a difference in the world. So teaming up with Oliver certainly gives him the opportunity to do that.”

Of course, the problem with having a partner like this, though, is the risk of something going wrong. Is Oliver going to be able to handle having the blood on his hands if he does end up making a move that leads to Dig’s death? If nothing else, it will interesting to see if these thoughts weigh on him at all during the season.

Are you excited to see what happens to these two now?

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