Blue Bloods season 10 episode 7 sneak peek: Erin needs more evidence

Blue Bloods season 10Everything that we’re about to say is probably going to sound familiar — Blue Bloods season 10 episode 7 is going to contain family conflicts. To be specific, this episode will feature an enormous conflict with Danny and Erin.

What is going on here? As the sneak peek below reveals, Danny is desperate to get his sister to take on a case that he’s been working on, one that features an assault on an elderly victim. It feels like he’s got an abundance of evidence out there, in between him seeing the alleged criminal flee the scene. He also has an ID on the assaulter from the victim. Both of these feels, on the surface, like we’re gearing up for a case that is somewhat cut-and-dry.

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So what is the big issue here? Well, in the mind of Erin, Danny doesn’t have enough evidence. The victim apparently suffers from dementia, so she doesn’t think that testimony from him about the assault will hold up in court. She’s not trying to oppose Danny, but she is working to ensure that whatever the two do end up being successful. She’s great at her job in that way and recognizes that while Danny and Erin often work in tandem, they do have to consider the end result. For Danny, it’s going to be back to the drawing board after this as he works to try and find a different way to ensure that he can bring this victim into justice.

At the end of this episode, we’re sure that Danny and Erin will work to come to some sort of solution and then move forward. We don’t think either one of them can dwell on the events of a case for too long — just consider that another key component of the job.

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