ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: First look at ‘The Final Frontier’

First things first, we have to start off this “Castle” preview with an apology of sorts for the quality of the video this time around; hopefully, we’ll get a better one soon, but with Hurricane Sandy the show did not end up airing in a good many of the major markets on the East Coast, and thus many traditionally video providers were not available.

With that being said, who’s ready for a visit to Comic-Con? On next week’s episode, Castle and Beckett are going to be heading to the show’s version of the famed convention, where there is going to be a rather unusual murder that takes place. How strange? Let’s just say that the murder weapon appears to be a laser. This mystery is going to take them inside not just the world of science fiction, but also some of the fans and struggling actors who are still trying to make a living off of something that they were a part of over a decade beforehand.

There is a serious sci-fi pedigree behind this episode, as “Star Trek: The Next Generation” alum Jonathan Frakes is going to be on board as the episode’s director. The title is of course a reference to this show, and you can also expect a nod or two to Nathan Fillion’s “Firefly” throughout the episode, as well, which is no surprise given that the show has referenced it at times before.

Hopefully, by this time all of the characters will have already forgotten some of what went down during this past episode, mostly because nobody wants to remember getting arrested for a crime that they didn’t commit while trying to sell books.

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