‘Gossip Girl’ series finale spoilers: Have we been duped?

Sadly, there was no new episode of “Gossip Girl” last night due to Hurricane Sandy (which is thankfully moving on from the east coast now), so while we do not have any review just yet about what happened in Steven and Serena’s latest face-off, we do still have some interesting news to share for the upcoming series finale of the CW show.

If you have been reading this site over the past several months, then you already know that there will be some old faces who return including Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo. You may have also seen some elaborate scenes being shot across New York City, including what appeared to be a wedding scene between Serena and Dan.

So is everything really as it seems, though? Not entirely. In a chat with E! News, executive producer Josh Schwartz confirms that the show did something that some other New York-set shows (including “Sex and the City”) have done in the past: filmed some decoy scenes as a way of throwing people off. This means that even though it looked like there was a wedding going on, it may not really be the case. Schwartz is a smart guy, and he knows that this is the sort of thing that the paparazzi will go crazy over; even if it does end up being true that these two characters are getting hitched, it is still some nice press for the show.

As for some other finale scoop, be prepared for there to be some sort of shift from one time period to the next. There will either be flashbacks or flashforwards during the episode, and it is possible that there could even be both.

Do you think it is possible that Schwartz and the writers could have staged a fake wedding, just to throw anxious spoiler-hunters off the scene for a while?

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