‘The Carrie Diaries’ trailer: Great for new viewers; as for ‘Sex and the City’ fans…

A new trailer for “The Carrie Diaries” is online, and we have to say that we are now officially of two minds about it. Therefore, it’s almost unfair to really look at the clip from the perspective of a “Sex and the City” fan, especially when not everyone who ends up watching this series will have any idea about Carrie Bradshaw’s extensive history on the HBO show.

With this in mind, we’re actually going to do something that is a little unusual for us on this page: actually publish two different viewpoints on the trailer, based on the two audiences who could end up checking out the show when it does end up premiering on The CW in the new year.

Casual fans – We all know that this network loves to make young women its calling card, and for the same sort of people who caught “Gossip Girl” in the beginning, this may be the perfect show for them. Carrie Bradshaw’s journey from the small town to New York City definitely provides the sort of inspiring tale that many will love, and the trailer does have some funny moments. Does the entire thing feel a little bit much like “Jane By Design”? Sure, but thanks in part to what they did with “Gossip Girl,” no one out there knows the city of New York better. It’s definitely worth a watch, especially since there will be a missing piece in the schedule for this sort of show early next year.

“Sex and the City” fans – What is this? First things first, it’s always a little disarming to see a 30-minute comedy turned into what is an hour-long dramedy, and it’s even more disarming when one takes such liberties from the background of Carrie set up in the show. While it was only mentioned briefly, HBO’s Bradshaw really did not grow up with a father; however, on this show he is present early and often. Unless Sarah Jessica Parker’s character was lying about backstory (which seems unlikely), she also talked about losing her virginity in a different context than the show

What do you think about this trailer, and which one of these camps do you fall into?

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