Mayans MC season 2 finale promo analysis: Who’s in danger?

Mayans MCCome Tuesday night on FX, the Mayans MC season 2 finale is set to arrive, and rest assured that it is going to bring with it all sorts of chaos. Characters are going to be in danger, clubs could be on the brink, and there are devastating secrets that could tear whole families apart.

Based on the promo below, though, it seems as though one character is going to be in the crosshairs perhaps more than anyone else: Dita. EZ Reyes has now figured out that it is Miguel’s mother, rather than Miguel himself, who was responsible for putting the hit out on his mother. Maybe there was a little jealousy and heartbreak there, but at the same time, she also felt threatened by their proximity to her. Felipe does hold a secret about Miguel’s parentage that could prove damaging to her, but he has opted to not share it with anyone … at least not yet. The true test now becomes whether or not this will stay that way, given that we’re nearing a time in which it may be important for said secret to come out. It explains what Dita has to lose, given that if some find out the truth about Miguel being Ignacio’s son, it changes the entire perception of the cartel.

The promo suggests that someone may be coming after Dita and, beyond just this, that there could be some tension between the Reyes family over some of their decisions. That’s without even factoring into the equation Lincoln Potter.

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At the end of Tuesday’s new episode, Emily promised EZ information on Potter that he could use against him, provided that there wouldn’t be any blowback in the form of something happening to him. She seems ready to trade that off, and this is why you see a fight breaking out involving the Reyes and Potter. Add to this a club conflict involving the Mayans that is spiraling out of control (remember, Taza decided to let Riz die so that he could get proper vengeance), and this could be a final episode soaked in layers of blood.

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