How to Get Away with Murder season 6: Did Asher kill Annalise, informant?

How to Get Away with MurderAt the moment, How to Get Away with Murder season 6 has some serious mysteries going. As a matter of fact, you can argue that there are two at the same time!

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The first major one has to do with the status of Annalise Keating. Is she dead, and if so, who is the person responsible for killing her? You could argue that the bloody Asher reveal tonight is a clear sign that he is a killer. Yet, at the same time, we’re inclined to think otherwise that Annalise faked her own death, maybe in a last-ditch attempt to have law enforcement go after the Castillos. They haven’t been incredibly motivated to do that so far, so maybe in her mind. This is the final straw and the best adequate way in order to ensure that this happens.

The other (definite) murder we’re looking at right now is the informant. Judging from all of that blood, this one is easy to peg as that very thing. As for whether or not Asher killed this person, a lot of it depends on who said person is. Take, for example, if it’s Gabriel. Why would Asher kill Gabriel? Well, you could argue that there’s a love-triangle element going on with the two of them and Michaela, but it feels like it’d have to be something more than that to cause Asher to kill. Maybe it’s him knowing that Gabriel has been playing her, but even still, it feels like a stretch.

There’s also another question — whether Asher is a killer at all. Isn’t it possible that he witnessed the murder, got blood on his shirt, and then ran away? We like to think that we’ve seen enough shows at this point to recognize that blood on one’s shirt, by no means, equals actually having killed someone. Typically, there are constant other explanations you can come up with.

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