Jack Ryan season 2 finale review: Jack’s fight for Venezuela’s future

Jack Ryan

During the Jack Ryan season 2 finale, freedom won. We don’t know how else to even say it.

Let’s start things off, though, with the bad news — there’s no healing all of the people in those mass graves. There’s no fixing the loss of American life. Yet, what we saw in the finale was an attempt to restore order to a country that was in utter disarray.

During the finale, it was clear that Reyes was hanging on to his power with every last fabric of his being. He was desperate to make sure that nobody could take it from him and would do virtually everything within his power to ensure that he got what he wanted. That included spreading misinformation on the election results and even trying to stop it early, claiming that the dictator had such an overwhelming lead there was no reason for things to consider.

As you can imagine, Reyes started to feel up against the 8 ball. He recognized that things were going south and that his power was slipping away. That was before Jack made what was even his biggest salvo yet — bringing forward a video shot of the jungle prison alongside the mass graves. From there, he was finally able to make some connections between Max, the attorney down in Venezuela, and all of the corporations working to ensure that their Blue Gold could be used to wage some sort of competitive situation versus China. This was one of the things that they were desperate to keep and they were willing to kill anyone who came in their way.

Yet, Gloria won the election in the end, Reyes was defeated, and all seems to be right in the world … sort of. Jack was able to uncover a Senator in Washington who was linked to the entire operation; he may not have intended all of the death, but he was willing to accept the result of weakening China’s foothold on valuable technology.

The biggest shocker may just be that season 2 could be the end for Greer … with the operative word being could. It seems as though he’s ready to step down after struggling with his health and his heart condition, but we still have a hard time thinking that it’s really over. Maybe season 3 could feature him in a different capacity, and we certainly wouldn’t be shocked if that happens.

CarterMatt Verdict

We’ll admit that the fight between Jack and Reyes mano-a-mano was a little bit hard to digest, as is the over-the-top nature of some of the show’s twists and how a few people were able to topple a government with great success. Yet, none of this changes that Jack Ryan season 2 delivered a pretty fantastic product from start to finish. There was some great drama, fantastic twists, and we’re hungry for another mission already.

Also, it’s nice to have a series were the good guys win.

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