Jack Ryan season 2 episode 7 review: A jungle quest; Reyes is desperate

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan season 2 episode 7 proved itself to be one that was all about desperation — and it really doesn’t matter where you turn.

Take, for example, what’s going down in regards to Jack himself. After realizing that Greer did not get on board the plane as planned in episode 6, we saw the character embark tonight on what we would call a desperate rescue mission. He wanted to ensure that there was a way to ensure that he would be okay, no matter what it took. The problem was that Jack didn’t have a lot of means in order to help.

This is why, through this episode, you see Jack do what he can to procure some hired help before going off to the jungle in order to ensure that he could get into the jungle. There were surprises aplenty in there, including Gloria’s missing husband Sergio, and then there was Greer. Jack was told things aplenty about him, including at one point that he may be buried alive.

The good news is that Greer is technically still alive … so rejoice in that? The bad news is that we’re not altogether that things are going to be any better for him in his new environment, shackled up … most likely for leverage. This applies a little more pressure onto Jack to find him.

Speaking of pressure, though Reyes is feeling it immensely. We’re speaking here about someone who is getting enraged at the thought of losing to Gloria and he’s getting angry — reactive, even. Take, for example, him ordering the deaths of everyone held captive within the jungle. He doesn’t care anymore and he also wants to do everything that he can to preserve his secret. If he can’t profit from it, it doesn’t seem like he wants anyone else to do so, either. The idea of mass graves out there is horrifying, but it does demonstrate the exact sort of regime that Reyes is running. This is one where he’s also not afraid to kill people within his inner circle. Take, for example, Miguel — if you question Reyes, you get shot. That’s the way of things right now.

CarterMatt Verdict

At the moment, we think that this election is going to get dramatic — and violent. Reyes is trying to use America’s presence in Venezuela as a way to convince everyone that the election is rigged, and he’s also trying to stifle any and all opposition as quickly as possible. We know that Jack is still doing his best to ensure that there is information to expose Reyes, but there’s another order of business here as well — think along the lines of survival. He’s gotta make it out of here alive so that everyone will know the truth.

In terms of intensity, it is clear at the moment that Jack Ryan is firing on all cylinders. We’ll have to see where this story ends up going.

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