Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 6 exclusive sneak peek: Who’s afraid of a spider?

Survivor: Island of the IdolsCome Wednesday night, Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 6 is going to arrive on CBS — and bring with it questions aplenty about the new Vokai Tribe! Take, for example, who feels stable at camp — and whether or not anyone should.

Yet, before getting to gameplay, the exclusive sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below is all about spiders — or, at least someone’s fear of a spider. In this preview, Elizabeth freaks out thinking that she just saw a massive tarantula within the shelter — we’d say that her reaction is pretty appropriate. (Actually, if it was us in her shoes, we’d probably be sprinting down the beach, begging someone to let us go stay at Lairo instead.)

While a little slice of camp life (albeit a scary one here, just in time for Halloween) can be nice to check out, it’s the numbers situation at Vokai that is the most intriguing. There are four members of old Lairo present there in Missy, Elaine, Aaron, and of course Elizabeth. Meanwhile, they are up against Tommy, Dan, Jason, and Lauren. The original Vokai members claim that they aren’t turning on each other, or so Elaine tells the rest of her Lairo friends. That means that unless they’re willing to see their numbers cut, they have to be willing to go to rocks.

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Putting a million dollars into the hands of chance is a dangerous proposition this early in the game, as nobody wants to go before the merge. Yet, what other choice do some of them have? It’s not clear whether this sneak peek is set before or after the immunity challenge, but either way, they’re going to find out that Tom is gone. That’s another Lairo member. It’s possible enough that the remaining members of Vokai could all band back together after the merge. This means that every original Lairo person matters and it’s a good reason to sweat.

We don’t know if we’d be willing to go to rocks when the chips are down, but you gotta present a willingness to do so. That’s the only hope that Elaine, Missy, Aaron, and Elizabeth may have if they want to make it through this episode still in one piece — unless, of course, they are able to beast their way through immunities. Given the way things are going at New Lairo (see: badly), isn’t that possible?

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If you were on New Vokai on Survivor: Island of the Idols, what would you do?

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