Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 6 spoilers: Is a rock draw coming?

Survivor: Island of the IdolsCurious to learn what’s coming on Survivor: Island of the Idols episode 6? At the moment, it’s clear that we’re on the other side of the tribe swap. Yet, it’s also still clear that at the moment, the Lairo tribe looks to be toast. It doesn’t matter who is wearing the Lairo buff … but the end result is still the same. This is a tribe with a history of losing with people who are tired of each other. We definitely got a good sense of that while watching Dean, Tom, and Karisha battle things out at Tribal Council.

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So where are things going to from here moving into episode 6? We don’t foresee another tribe swap, so the remaining members of Lairo are going to have to figure this out on some level. Getting rid of Tom was an interesting move, given that you kinda knew where he stood. He was predictable, but maybe that predictability was somewhat of a detriment to him. He wasn’t the best competitor at this point in his life … but was he better than Karishma? This does put the Lairo Tribe at more of a disadvantage when it comes to some of the challenges that are going to be coming up down the road.

We’re not going to pretend like this was the best Survivor episode of the season — yet, a good episode of Survivor is still better than 90% of television out there. Plus, this is still an excellent season, even though Boston Rob and Sandra had nothing to do tonight other than sit around on a rock somewhere.

In the promo for what’s coming up next, it was clear that a rock draw could be on the horizon! We could have a big decision to be made when it comes to what the new Vokai Tribe wants to do at Tribal. Does this mean that they lose the next immunity? Not necessarily, but it’s something worthy of some conversation.

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