Jack Ryan season 2 episode 5 review: The life and times of Max

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan season 2 episode 5 did a solid job giving you more information on one of the show’s central villains in Max. Yet, in the closing minutes you have a reminder that sometimes, villains don’t end up lasting forever.

At the end of episode 5 entitled “Blue Gold,” we end up seeing Max killed at the hands of Harriet, who seemed to be well aware of the fact he was about to do something nasty to Jack. He had confronted Harriet about things earlier on in this episode — heck, at one point, he even shot her. Also, Max’s own daughter for herself mixed up and tried to flee from Jack — he used her as a hostage at a point because he had to. She wasn’t fully aware of who Max was and that was, at least, a part of the problem. He had quite his agency gig and was working out as a hired gun — whether it be for Reyes or someone else.

What did Jack learn before Max’s death? Well, Max refused to confirm that it was Reyes who hired him — he wouldn’t offer up much of anything! Harriet shot him before any other info could come out, and whatever information he had is dead with him.

As for what else is notable at present, it seems that the discovery of “blue gold” in Venezuela is going to lead to some mass chaos all over the world. This is a game-changing mineral that previously, the Chinese has been able to keep a certain element of control over. Yet now, paradigms are changing … and so might the world. Gloria’s husband Sergio seemed to have discovered some, and that set off a chain of events.

What’s going on here, in the end? This could be a way in which for Reyes and/or people in power to get in business and horde secrets in exchange for money. It’s an operation that does have connections to Reyes, but is there a way to prove it? That is where things within this world get especially dicey.

Gloria’s campaign is continuing to run quite smoothly — she’s surging is surging in the polls, but the more popular she becomes, the more likely it is that she is going to be hunted. That is something to seriously consider through the remainder of this process. Gloria’s worried about her children and while Greer is trying to help her, there’s no way to ensure he will succeed.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Jack Ryan was great in terms of setting up a key moment that could flip the story on its head. Yet, we do still have questions as to all of the key players amidst this conspiracy … especially in the context of the number of episodes that we have left.

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