DVR ratings: Good news for ‘Nashville,’ ‘Revolution,’ ‘90210,’ and ‘666 Park Avenue’

As we said in our coverage of last week’s DVR ratings, there is one important thing to take note of: while these live+7 numbers can help a show that is on the bubble from getting canceled, it’s not going to save something that is bombing out completely on the schedule. This is why such shows such as “Up All Night,” even with the upcoming shift a multi-camera format, are still probably going to be canceled.

As we said previously, the litmus test for us is around 45%; if a show adds this much of its 18-49 audience after the fact (so long as the original ratings are so-so, given that 45% of zero is still zero), this is something that networks could look at. With that, let’s now get started here for the week of shows airing the week of October 8.

“Grimm” and “Revolution” – Once again, the storybook detective show on Friday nights with an astounding 75% gain from a 1.6 rating to a 2.8. This is consistently TV’s top-rated Friday drama even in live airings, so you can all but guarantee a third season at this point. As for “Revolution,” it went up 63% from a 3.0 to a 4.9. While season 2 is not confirmed yet, it’ll be a lock of it holds these numbers. (The real test here will come after the hiatus.)

“90210” – Going up 75% is great, but when you are talking about only an increase of three-tenths of a point from a 0.4 to a 0.7, it’s not exactly something to brag about. This show’s still in trouble.

“666 Park Avenue” – In moving to a 2.3 from a 1.5, this show mas a solid 53% improvement. We’re still not sold on it coming back next year, but it’s actually not as far behind “The Mentalist” or “The Good Wife” as you would think.

“Nashville” – Having a 2.8 for your premiere is great; going up 50% to a 4.2 afterwards is incredible. Two more weeks of this, and the musical drama will have a full season.

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