Jack Ryan season 2 episode 3 review: Did Greer discuss heart condition?


Jack Ryan season 2 episode 3 is the episode that put our hero and Greer into one of their most dangerous spots yet. Think in terms of the jungles of rural Venezuela, hoping that there would be some weapon supplies hidden there. Why were there so many people stationed out there for Reyes? What was he hiding? Odds are, it goes beyond just weapons — and Jack’s mission with the rest of the team didn’t quite have its desired result.

Instead, most of what Jack felt after the mission was over was a mixture of frustration and guilt. He had hoped for an opportunity to get a few more answers but, instead, there were still questions … and there was also a lot of violence.

Yet, we do think that the more time that Greer spends with Jack, the more that he admires at the very least his courage. He recognizes that here is an analyst, diving into the thick of chaos, hoping to get some clues in order to unravel what looks to be a conspiracy that could send the world to the brink of war. He’s also personally motivated still by the Senator’s death. These are probably the reasons why Greer decided, when the dust settled, that this would be the best time to open up about his own personal setback — a medical condition.

As you learned at the start of this season, Greer’s been dealing with a heart issue that caused him to be sent away from Russia. It’s the sort of thing that could be career-ending, at least in terms of some of the stuff that Greer wants to do. As of right now, the list of people who know about this is fairly scarce. Jack is one of these people, and so is Greer’s station chief in Moscow. Greer knows that his prognosis isn’t great, and yet he’s still out there, fighting the good fight. Why is that? We think a lot of it is because this is the only life he knows. Another part of it may be that he wants to go out a winner, whether that means medical retirement or the end of his life.

Episode 3 ends with Greer confessing that he “doesn’t know” what his future will hold, and we’re worried for his life before season 2 comes to a close.

As for the state of things in Caracas…

Is it possible that President Reyes is starting to sweat? It feels that way, as we’re starting to get a stronger sense of how his challenger Gloria has the support of the people. She’s a revolutionary, smart but also still personal. She feels worthy of the highest office without also coming across as arrogant in any way. She’s going to be a threat, and in dealing with her, maybe Reyes takes his eye off the ball enough to be thwarted.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was something rather satisfying about seeing Jack Ryan dive head-first into such an interesting world in episode 3, and also remind us of how so much of the world of espionage and intelligence is about risks. You can calculate and plan, but that doesn’t mean that you are prepared for the end result at all.

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