Hawaii Five-0 season 10 spoilers: Katrina Law’s Spartacus reunion!

Hawaii Five-0We know that there would be some awesome stuff at the center of Hawaii Five-0 season 10 — after all, isn’t there always? We think the presence of one Katrina Law only adds to that a little bit further. Quinn Liu has shown herself to be more than capable of being out in the field, but she’s also got her own demons and a history of not always following the rules. (She’s also shown that she is capable of pulling off one of those signature Hawaii Five-0 car arguments.)

For the sake of this article now, we come bearing some more casting news — and it’s a name that is very familiar to Law already! Per a report from TVLine, another Spartacus alum in Ellen Hollman is going to be coming on board the CBS series — in this case, Ellen is going to play the daughter of a man who was murdered, someone who died following the theft of his “rare and priceless tree.” It’s a little bit of an unusual case already, mostly because who wants to steal a tree? Why is that so coveted more than anything else?

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All in all, we’ve got a feeling that there’s going to be a larger mystery present somewhere within this episode, and it’s going to be fun to see some of that explored. We have to imagine that Five-0 is going to come asking Hollman’s character some questions about what happened, just as we also have to assume that the writers are going to ensure that she and Katrina share some scenes together. If you’ve got two actors with a preexisting history on the same show, it feels like you gotta give something to longtime fans there!

In general, we would imagine that the remainder of Hawaii Five-0 this season will work to continue to present some interesting cases, while at the same time also do its part to give you a chance to learn more about Quinn alongside more established characters. We know about her history with CID, but what about more of her upbringing, or what appeals to her about sticking with Five-0?

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