Chicago PD season 7 episode 7 spoilers: The Darius Walker case heats up

Chicago PD season 7 episode 2Remember Darius Walker? Earlier this season on Chicago PD season 7, we met one of the most morally complicated adversaries of Intelligence. As a matter of fact, you could argue that some may not consider him to be an adversary at all.

So what do we know about Walker? He’s a guy who sells drugs … but then uses the money to give back to the community. He sees the world as one with a gray foundation. If politicians and the city aren’t going to help struggling African-American families, he is going to do so himself … while breaking the law along the way. We don’t have to tell you that some in Intelligence are going to hate this, but do others view it as tolerable … or at least something that isn’t as worthy of their time as other offenses? We expect that this is a struggle that will permeate its way through a number of different stories for much of the season. We’re thinking a somewhat similar trajectory here to Woods or some of the other big-time One Chicago characters we’ve seen stick around for a while.

So how is Walker going to impact the story come November 6, when this installment comes around? Below, CarterMatt has the official Chicago PD season 7 episode 7 synopsis with additional insight:

11/06/2019 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : Voight pulls Darius in after Crawford asks Intelligence to investigate a dangerous drug, but there is little trust in the relationship. When their plan to nail a dealer goes awry and another CI is murdered, the team must make a tough decision about Darius.

Throughout this story, we presume that the following implication is going to be made clear: Darius may be too much trouble to allow out on the street anymore. Eventually, this story could get to a point where he is too much of a threat … but taking him in requires a little bit of a deft touch. If he is viewed as a community hero, won’t arresting him lead to more unrest and distrust of the local police? It’s one of many things to consider as we inch closer to this episode — let alone any other that Walker plays a part in.

The best thing about seeing Walker is simply this: More Michael Beach. We’re always going to celebrate that.

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What do you think about where the story is going to go entering Chicago PD season 7 episode 7?

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