One Day at a Time season 4: Work is beginning soon!

One Day at a TimeWhile there are a lot of sad stories about cancellations over the past several months, One Day at a Time was a beacon of hope. Despite its initial cancellation over at Netflix, the studio Sony Pictures Television fought hard and because of that, there is a second life for the comedy over at Pop TV. New episodes are still many months from premiering, but at least there’s good news coming this week: The writers’ room is going to be back at work!

In a new post on Twitter, executive producer Mike Royce made it clear that the room opens on Wednesday. That offers the team a chance to arc out the season, plus allowing us opportunities to see strong, isolated stories that tie together within certain episodes. With the move away from the streaming service, we would imagine that there would be some inevitable changes; yet, One Day at a Time is not a show that needs to totally reinvent itself. Tonally, it’s still the same funny, heartfelt show that a lot of people out there can relate to. It’s about family, relationships, getting through each day and preparing for what’s next.

Do we think that the writers can take advantage of the weekly format in exciting ways? Certainly. There are challenges with releasing new episodes all at once. They can all blend together in the minds of viewers after the fact, and you can’t time them as effectively with events in the real world. It’s also easy to just watch them all in a week and the conversation about them stops then. There’s a chance for more metaphorical watercooler moments now.

When One Day at a Time season 4 does premiere, we just have to hope that the viewers over at Pop embrace it fully and it gets the live ratings support to survive many more years. It’s far too early to know what the future holds, but just getting another season is a gift. It’s a chance for more stories when you weren’t going to get them otherwise; it’s best (for now) to just settle in, enjoy what we’re going to get, and then deal with the future a little bit down the road.

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