The Office reunion movie: Is there a good chance at this happening?

The OfficeWe don’t think that we have to tell you that The Office is one of the biggest hits of the past twenty years. While it’s ratings weren’t through-the-roof spectacular, it has found an incredible life for itself through DVD sales, syndication, and most importantly streaming on Netflix. It’s been one of the service’s biggest hits, which is why it’s such a big deal that it’s moving from there to the Peacock streaming service following the end of its current project.

For the sake of this article, though, we’re looking towards the future of the series — provided that there even is one. We know that there was some conversation about a revival/reboot that could feature some characters from the original show, but that idea has since gone almost nowhere. (It’s hard to envision a new Office without some of your favorites.) Now, is it possible that an actual reunion movie could happen? It’s still a longshot, but it seems as though there are some ideas that are out there within the ether.

Speaking in a new BuzzFeed AM2DM interview, Jenna Fischer (who is promoting her new show-related podcast alongside Angela Kinsey) made it clear that there is “actually a really good idea going around” for a movie featuring some of the characters. Kinsey mentioned that the premise is “so good,” but also made it clear “we’re not in control. This isn’t on us! I mean, we would love it! It’s a good idea.”

We imagine that the impetus here will be on executives, plus producers and/or other cast members, to make a movie happen. We could see it, though, if NBCUniversal is desperate to get people subscribing to Peacock. Think about the money that would come into the service just to watch the movie. Sure, some of these people would only subscribe for a month, but it could get their foot in the door to many consumers’ home. That’s something that company seems to be doing by moving the upcoming Psych: The Movie sequel over to Peacock rather than its original home in USA.

Rest assured that once we’ve got some more news on this project, we’ll have it for you here.

Do you want to see an Office reunion movie happen down the road?

Be sure to share in the comments below! For now, we wouldn’t be overly optimistic, but we’d at least store it away in the back of your mind. (Photo: NBC.)

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