‘Homeland’ season 2: Claire Danes on differences from first season

“Homeland” has managed to become a phenomenon in a short amount of time, and one of the reasons for that is simply the strong performances by some of the cast, including Claire Danes in the leading role.

So what does the actress have to say herself about what makes this year different from what she was up to the first time around? Speaking per Zap2It in a new interview, she concurs with the notion that we are at least seeing a Carrie who is not an emotional wreck, and seems much more confident in what she is doing (though it always helps when you have some sort of tangible proof that you are dealing with a man who is a terrorist):

“Yes, in some ways it is. In this season she is more balanced emotionally. It is a little less taxing than last year when her nerves were starting to unravel.”

Danes also said that she could envision “Homeland” lasting for many more years, even though we do have some questions of our own when it comes to this … namely in how this show really plans to keep the story going when you already have one of your primary villains in Brody under CIA custody. In many ways, this is something that you would see happen during a finale, and certainly not in the early portion of a season where the storyline is seemingly still getting off the ground.

Just as the quality has remained constant, viewers are continuing to discover everything that is great about this show; as a matter of fact, “Homeland” hit a series high last week, and this could certainly continue now that the cat is out of the bag when it comes to Brody.

What do you think makes this season so alluring?

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