‘How I Met Your mother’ season 8 spoilers: Barney and his pet get weird (video)

After a week off thanks to the Presidential debate, “How I Met Your Mother” is going to be back with a new episode on Monday night … and it’s really going to be going to the dogs.

First things first, you have to give some credit to Neil Patrick Harris here for his supreme level of commitment to the scene below. After all, how many people in their right minds would really allow a dog to lick them inside of their own mouths? However, Harris is doing just that in a true test of just how strange Barney Stinson has become in the wake of his split from Quinn. He is not only allowing himself to get up close and personal with his furry friend, but he has named the guy “Bro-ver” in an attempt for him to be the latest way in which he can pick up women at the bar. As for how the dog got in the bar to begin with, that’s an entirely different story.

Considering that this episode is entitled “The Autumn of Breakups,” we do expect one couple to meet their end this week; however, Robin and Nick still seem to be fine in this video. Is there something bubbling underneath the water? It’s possible, since we could understand why Nick would be a little bit upset at the idea of his girlfriend spending so much time worrying about someone who is her ex. We learned just last year that she still wasn’t over the guy, and we know that they are going to be getting engaged down the road; therefore, something has to lead them closer together eventually.

What do you think about Barney’s new pet, and this crazy scheme that he has created for the ladies?

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