ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: The path to Rick’s arrest (video)

On Monday night, we are going to see an episode of “Castle” that finds our hero in a rather precarious position; namely, he is going to be in handcuffs courtesy of a woman named Tess who ends up dead, with a massive amount of the evidence ultimately pointing to him as a killer.

In case you missed the actual sneak peek of Castle getting arrested, you can find that here; but what we are looking at first in this article is the first piece of evidence possibly implementing our murder-mystery writer as the killer here in some fingerprints that were taken off of the victim’s door. While Beckett originally chalks this up to him just being a little bit careless when it comes to putting on his gloves properly before going inside to the crime scene, there is a little bit of a problem with her thinking here in that CSU apparently scrubbed for prints before Castle ever arrived on the scene.

In the next video, you can see at least a little bit of hope for Castle after his arrest, as Beckett, Gates, and some other members of the force all suspect that this is not something that the man they have come to know and love is fully capable of. So why is there so much evidence leaning towards him then? The obvious answer here is that somebody planted all of this in order to make him look bad, but we don’t know who would do that just yet, or what exactly they would actually get out of it.

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