‘The X Factor’ UK debate: A look at the Lucy Spraggan ‘illness’ backlash

Should performers on singing competitions get a free pass for unforeseen circumstances? This is a question that has been looked at time and time again on various shows. From one standpoint, it’s the reality that there are times that people do get ill, and it can keep them from doing what they want to do. However, is it fair to more or less reward them for it while other people could be penalized for it? That is what happened on “The X Factor” in the United Kingdom over the weekend, as Lucy Spraggan was given a free pass after falling ill.

Since this news was announced on the show Saturday, Twitter has exploded with various opinions. Seem feel as though the offbeat folk singer should be given a sympathy push, whereas others feel as though it is simply unfair, and she should have been sent home on the spot.

So is there some sort compromise here? We will say this: back in season 10 of “American Idol” for the finale, there was a time in which it appeared that Lauren Alaina was not going to be performing thanks to some health problems; while she ended up carrying on, producers were not going to give her a free pass if she was unable to; instead, they were planning to bring back third-place contestant Haley Reinhart for another round (at least per a TMZ report at the time). On “Dancing with the Stars,” the judges score the rehearsal footage in the event that a performer is unable to go; as for if there is an illness or injury, though, and they miss that as well, they will be eliminated. There are no free passes.

At the end of the day, the best move for “The X Factor” would be to have surprise non-elimination Sunday night, and then follow this up with a double-elimination next week. This way, you are not really penalizing anyone else for Lucy being sick, and the only free pass she gets would be missing an extra performance. (See? We’re solutions-oriented!)

How do you think producers should handle these sort of cases?

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