NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: De’borah, Gracia Harrison, and Nicholas David leaders

Oh, how we are looking forward to next week. Why? Hopefully by that time, we will actually have a small enough group of contestants on “The Voice” that we can actually remember all of them, since for the time being it’s almost like flipping a coin when it comes to hoping that you remember someone’s name.

With that in mind, our second edition of “The Voice” rankings this season is going to focus on something that is pretty simple at the end of the day: figuring out who are the three contenders from each team who really seem to have a genuine shot at making it to the end of the show.

Team Adam Levine

1. Bryan Keith – There’s nothing about Bryan that is particularly flashy, but he is a solid singer with just enough artistry to remain distinct. He was one of the few singers this season to get a clean sweep during the blind auditions, and we’re totally not buying the clips from Monday night’s knockout round that make him look as though he is in some sort of trouble.

2. Nicole Nelson – When it comes to juts having a voice that could fill a cavern, Nicole’s the one. We don’t know if she could be mainstream with the music landscape being so pop and dance-centered at the moment, but you still have to nod your head in approval any time that she opens her mouth to sing.

3. Amanda Brown – Adam was lucky to secure the best steal of the entire battle rounds: a singer with an incredible voice that just didn’t show it off enough during her blind audition. While Christina may be considered the “diva voice” of the competition, Nicole and Amanda give her a run for her money.

Team Christina Aguilera

1. De’borah – We don’t really say this often with this show, but De’borah is one of the few talents on this season where we could see her having a career after the show is over. She doesn’t just have a great voice, but she is the sort of one-of-a-kind performer that you dream of finding on a show like this. She’ll be remembered for more than just her voice, and that’s what is important after the show ends.

2. Dez Duron – He’s a good looking guy with a great voice. If Christina wants to have a great shot of winning this show, she needs to put this guy through to the live shows. Do we really need to say more?

3. Devyn DeLoera – It’s interesting that we only have one pure “pop singer” in our top three considering that this is the genre Christina has been hyping … but that’s just where the chips fall on this occasion. Devyn’s memorable, has a great voice, and also seems to have enough artistry to do more than just cover a song well.

Team Blake Shelton

1. Gracia Harrison – For the first time in three seasons, Blake’s best singer is actually someone who is pure country. We love that Gracia yodels, is versatile within the genre, and isn’t just trying to be another female country artist. This is a hugely competitive genre, and she may have a show of actually sneaking her way in there.

2. Terry McDermott – This one may just be all about personal preference, mostly because we love this guy even in spite of the fact that he is not even remotely current. The best thing Terry can hope for here is that he gets a fan following who really likes his brand of classic rock.

3. Cassadee Pope – This final spot was a tough choice, but Cassadee’s experience and drive makes her the perfect fit here. Do we worry that her time has already passed in this industry given that she had a semi-successful band? We do, but you just can’t deny her set of pipes.

Team Cee Lo Green

1. Nicholas David – Somebody does need to do something with that beard, but that voice is something we could listen to all day. Nicholas actually reminds us a little bit of Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, and Matisyahu all somehow rolled into one person, and he is someone that we could see the quirkier folk in America really rallying behind.

2. MacKenzie Bourg – There is a part of us that is overjoyed at the fact that MacKenzie looks a little geeky, and then has a last name that is an obvious reference to “Star Trek.” Can anyone say “more, please?” to this guy? We will.

3. Trevin Hunte – Trevin is probably the favorite to win the competition to some, but we really still feel he has one major weakness in that he needs to show a little bit more range in what he chooses to perform. There’s only so many ballads he can take on, and occasionally they are one or two pitch problems from sliding off the rails.

Who is your favorite artist on “The Voice” at the moment?

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