‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: David Morrissey promises surprises

Can you believe that we are only now a matter of hours until the debut of David Morrissey on “The Walking Dead”? It’s always an honor to appear on the most-watched show on television in the 18-49 demographic, but it is even more of an honor when the character you are playing is one of the most infamous people in the entire Robert Kirkman series.

However, Morrissey is quick to tell SFX in a new interview that when we do end up meeting The Governor on Sunday night, do not expect someone who is fundamentally the same person that he was in the comics; in addition to that, the way we also get to know the character is different courtesy of how the television medium works versus the world that we traditionally see in comics:

 “It will be interesting to see how he lands with fans. As I said, what’s interesting for me is exploring the ground before he arrived in that comic … I think it’s important that when he goes off into the world and comes into the world of the Walking Dead TV show he is a character that is complex. The character in the graphic novel, if you arrived in the TV show as that character you have a very short shelf life, you could hit a creative ceiling very quickly there.

“The audience see him in his private moments and those private moments can be all different types of emotions, but you have a personal relationship with him that nobody else in the show has. And that’s different from the comic.”

Most of the character’s scenes coming up early on this season are going to be with Michonne and Andrea as they each arrive in Woodbury, but it is probably fair to say that you can expect other faces to turn up at some point as more and more people start to know who this character is, and also learn that there is far more to him underneath the vein than what you initially see.

Are you excited to meet The Governor on this show?

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