Succession season 2 finale: Brian Cox on Logan’s decision

Succession season 2As we prepared for the Succession season 2 finale, we knew that there would be, as the show described it, a “blood sacrifice.” In order to ensure that Logan Roy’s company could escape its myriad of troubles, someone had to take a fall. This is the only way that Waystar can move forward without as much of a focus on them as a group.

There were a number of candidates for who could take the fall for all of these different things they have done, whether it be someone like Tom, Greg, or even some combination of the two. Yet, in the end, Logan decided to turn Kendall into the sacrificial lamb. He was brilliant in many ways, but also emotionally stunted by this family and very rarely on the same page as anyone else. Throwing him under the bus had its core benefits, most notably that he may not be able to rise so quickly back up on his feet … or so Logan thought. The big surprise at the end of the episode was Kendall deciding to go out and publicly trash his father — it’s a move that could lead to so many more problems for Logan moving forward and all of a sudden, Kendall now has a voice.

Is Kendall going to be a champion in this world? We wouldn’t go that far, but Logan’s going to have to spend some time assessing the move that he made post-finale … and also some of where he went wrong in the process. In speaking on the subject via Deadline, here is some of what star Brian Cox had to say:

“As soon as he gets the call from Phillipe, he knows there’s a blood sacrifice. He doesn’t put himself in the frame, but he realizes that he’s also in the frame when he says ‘It could be me’. In Logan’s purity and punitiveness, he doesn’t consider himself a victim of something he did not take care of. He misjudged it. He also figured, if I’m going to take the fall, better for it to come from my own family than at the shareholders meeting.”

In the end, we have to imagine that the start of season 3 could feature more hearings, debate over Logan’s future, and also Shiv still waiting somewhat in the wings. With what happened with Kendall here, isn’t she now the favorite to take over the company?

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What do you think about what transpired on the Succession season 2 finale, and how hard do you think it will be for Logan to recover from this betrayal … if there is a way to recover? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and remember to stick around for some other news. (Photo: HBO.)

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