The Walking Dead: Could even more off-shoots, spin-offs be coming?

Walking Dead season 8We know already that there is a third series within The Walking Dead universe coming in the new year. That is an exciting pursuit in some ways, especially since it will focus on some of the younger people in the zombie apocalypse. These are people who are aware that there are such problems out there in the world, but they grew up in relative safety separate from much of what was going on.

While we don’t even know how this off-shoot is going to do, and the ratings for some other versions of the franchise are falling, there are still opportunities for more in the future. The Walking Dead as a franchise is clearly not going anywhere in the future, and with that in mind, there are ideas bouncing around in producers’ head for where things could go from here.

Speaking in a new interview with Deadline, executive producer and franchise guru Scott M. Gimple

One of my favorite projects, one that’s sort of hovering around, is really about a person, a single person in the apocalypse. We don’t really see anyone else there because of the situation they’re in. Then you have a story that’s like Cast Away or Omega Man, I suppose. The other thing we’re doing to achieve this differentiation and distinctness of storytelling I’m talking about is also starting to play around with the formats. How long a series is, for instance. We are pursuing specials as well, which are very short form. Some of that linking up [to established characters and situations] but some keeping to themselves by having their own distinct aspects. When we’re working I call those the agnostic stories. Those might feel more Twilight Zone-y, more anthological, whereas the more connected stuff might feel more like Star Wars in the shared, episodic mythology. Hopefully, we can achieve some of the cool things that all these universes do. It’s very exciting.

Will some of this prove exciting? We’re hopeful that there could be something fun in an anthology series, or individual stories/movies about specific characters within this world. The challenge ultimately becomes this: Finding a way to get some of this content to appeal to people who have never seen a single minute of the franchise before. You can’t just rely on the same demographic that is still watching; after all, that’s an audience that will likely only continue to fade.

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What more juice do you think there is in The Walking Dead as a franchise?

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