Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode 8 sneak peek: Angelina interrogated

Is Angelina stayingComing up tonight on Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 3 episode 8, Angelina is going to find herself questioned. What makes this so surprising? It’s mostly that this is one of the few times that Angelina is viewed in a fairly sympathetic light by some of her roommates.

In the sneak peek over here for Thursday night’s new episode, you can see Angelina pretty much interrogated by none other than “24” a.k.a. Zack, JWoww’s new boyfriend who is known mostly by his age. This is someone who obviously has a ton of confidence and has no problem speaking his mind, and at a lot of points, that can be a good thing. It’s a little bit less of a good thing when you consider that he just started to bond with some of these people, and to go along with that, many of the questions that he is asking have to do with Angelina’s sex life. This is awkward, and it’s also off-putting to many of the main cast members.

Has Angelina been called a “Dirty Little Hamster,” in addition to a number of other names, by Vinny and others? Sure, but she is still a main part of that group and they call her that after knowing her for a substantial period of time. Maybe 24 feels like he knows Angelina because of watching her on TV, but that doesn’t mean that she knows him or that she is okay with her relationship being put under this sort of microscope.

Is a little bit of 24’s behavior perhaps amplified by nervousness? Maybe, since we know it can be tough to be around this close fraternity of people with all of their history and their inside jokes. Yet, if you’re just yourself and you don’t try too hard, you’ll find a way to fit in over time. They want the best for each other and we’re sure they want the best for Jenni. She cares about their feedback, especially since there may be some collective trust issues among all of them after finding instant fame. They want to make sure that everyone around them is there “for the right reasons,” to use a Bachelor cliche. It’s possible that 24 is, but they don’t know him all that well as of yet.

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