Chicago Med season 5 on set: Nick Gehlfuss, Torrey DeVitto on crossover, Crockett

Nick Gehlfuss, Torrey DeVittoChicago Med season 5 is currently three episodes into its run, and things are only going to get more and more intense from here. We’ve said goodbye to Connor Rhodes and Ava Bekker, and we’ve said hello to a new doctor in Crockett. He’s the sort of person who comes in somewhat of a mystery, and it doesn’t look as though he is a mystery that will be solved anytime soon.

Speaking to CarterMatt while at One Chicago Day this week, Nick Gehlfuss (Will) noted that the writers are taking their time in order to give you a good sense of who Crockett is as a character — at least in terms of having him interact with some of the other core characters. Yet, you will be seeing more of him and understanding who he is and what exactly he brings to the table:

“It’s interesting — the way they introduced him was that he was the night-shift guy. He’s now on a regular rotation. Not a lot of us know a lot about this guy, but he’s a little dry [when it comes to] his sense of humor, and he’s pretty direct and tells it how it is. I think that can be off-putting for some of us [in Med].”

It feels like some clashes between Crockett and some of the other doctors are inevitable, but there will be some conflict before we even get to that point. How much so? Just think in terms of what’s coming with the crossover next week! You can watch a trailer for it here. A tailgate at the Chicago Bears game looks to be how some of the drama begins, and Torrey DeVitto noted that taking part in what was (at least at first, prior to an infection taking hold in the city) a lighthearted scene gave the show a chance to highlight a very different sort of energy:

“You see some of the characters interacting on a personal level, which is cool even for me when we get to do scenes like that [with characters from other shows]. It’s often like ‘I didn’t know we were friends!’ I knew that we probably knew each other, but we were [friends enough] to go to a tailgate.

“In the end, [the crossover is about] trying to put all three forces together to figure out what the problem is.”

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