Blue Bloods season 10 episode 3 sneak peek: Danny presses on

Danny ReaganWhat is coming up on Blue Bloods season 10 episode 3? On Friday night’s new episode of the CBS show, you’re going to be seeing Danny Reagan doing what he can to get to the bottom of an investigation. It’s one that he finds especially suspicious, and it’s one that he is SO much more curious about than Baez is. There’s a Jane Doe also involved in the investigation, so there is a lot going on here.

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In the sneak peek below, you can get a better sense of just what Danny is dealing with, and also some surprises that turn up when he starts to dig into credit card records — after all, it just so turns out that the couple he’s looking into has a son who is a part of the police force. What this means remains to be seen, but it does add another curious wrinkle to what is becoming a more and more curious case with every passing minute.

This sneak peek isn’t necessary one that, in context, gives you a whole lot of sense as to what’s coming across the overall hour. Yet, it is another reminder as to what we enjoy about the relationship between these two characters, whether we are talking about their rapport, their sense of humor, but also their commitment to making sure that justice is served. They’ve got a lot of stuff going on at all times but, when the dust settles, they are more than fine to tackle it.

Of course, we’re confident that Danny and Baez are going to end up solving this case one way or another. Isn’t this just what Danny and Baez do? They’ve shown now, time and time again, just how fantastic they are at resolving tough cases … even if there are some difficult secrets buried somewhere underneath.

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