Outlander (Jamie & Claire) vs. Shameless (Ian & Mickey) – ‘Shiptober poll

'Shiptober 2019Welcome to ‘Shiptober 2019! Throughout the month of October, CarterMatt will be bringing you our annual tournament featuring some of best ‘ships in all of TV. What is a ‘ship? It is comprised of characters you want to see together romantically. Maybe they’re already together, or maybe they’ve never been together. It doesn’t matter. ‘Shipping is one of the most popular parts of any TV fandom, it’s super fun and this tournament is a celebration of that.

In this piece, we are kicking off round 2! The battle this time should prove to be a great one, given that we’ve got a returning standout in Jamie & Claire from Outlander facing off against Ian & Mickey from Shameless — a first-time inclusion this year that had a very strong showing in the first round. One of these two will have a chance to make it to the top eight! Here’s hoping for some great competition, and fun to be had by all.

Voting Rules – Voting will be underway in the poll below from now until Friday, October 18 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. Vote however often you’d like! (For more voting instructions or technical questions, check out the bottom of this article for answers.)

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Jamie & Claire, Outlander (#1 seed) – In the first round, the Frasers made short work of their competition in Will & Natalie from Chicago Med — and no real surprise there. There’s plenty of evidence out there at this point that Outlander fans are one of the most passionate followings out there, and it doesn’t really matter if you are talking about the episodes or the central love story. What we know following New York Comic-Con is that entering season 5 next year, you will see the bond between these characters deepen. By the end of it, maybe they will be stronger than ever before.

Ian & Mickey, Shameless (#5 seed) – Meanwhile, Ian & Mickey’s love story has been all sorts of different. They haven’t had the same opportunity to spend time together as of late, but moving into season 10, they’re going to have plenty. Just think about things in this way — they will be spending a big chunk of their time behind bars together, getting to know each other and working to figure out if they work as a long-term item. As for their viability in ‘Shiptober, they’ve got some intense competition here — yet, they were able to win a hard-fought showdown in round 1 opposite Hawaii Five-0’s Steve & Catherine.

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