Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: China’s One Child policy, Ukraine talk

John OliverIt wasn’t all that hard in order to figure out what the first segment on the October 6 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was going to be. It had to be the continued adventures of what Oliver likes to refer to as “Stupid Watergate.” This is a chance to dive into the current impeachment inquiry, the Ukraine scandal, and also Donald Trump’s diplomacy as a whole.

We know that there’s a lot of comedy to be had within the whole Ukraine scandal, but what Oliver did so effectively was show just how important and serious the allegations are. There are some major ramifications that can come from talking politics with world leaders, and a part of what’s important right now is looking at how other people are reacting to his comments. Or, who is not talking about it all that much at all.

And now, this – This was a little segment about British television shows booking the wrong guest. This was silly; also, how does this happen? How does this happen so many times?

Main Segment – We’re discussing China and its One Child Policy tonight. It’s the sort of thing that you’ve probably only heard about in passing. Yet, here it was a major focus — even if the policy is over. This was established as a means of population control, and the consequences of it are still playing out today.

This segment played out like a history lesson at times, explaining how desperate some families were in order to have a son, due to cultural implications that he would later take care of their parents. Because of this, there are millions more men than women in China at the moment. Meanwhile, there were also significant fines that came down on families who chose to violate this policy — ones that put an enormous burden on many lives.

Also, in the present day there are some serious consequences of the policy that may have not been expected. Take, for example, the number of children who were over-indulged as a child because of parents who wanted multiple kids. Meanwhile, there are some businesses that are trying to give men an “advantage” on finding a mate. There’s also the idea of one child having to care for two parents and then also multiple grandparents later in life.

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