‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Betsy Brandt talks possible post-finale movie

We don’t know what it is about “Breaking Bad” that makes people want to see a movie happen for it after the show ends, but the demand for one seems to be higher than it is for other programs in this same situation. Who knows? Maybe this is just due in part to the fact that there are only eight more episodes left, and just about everyone is hungry to see so much more out of the show at this point.

So what does Betsy Brandt have to say on this very subject? Her character of Marie is someone in a pretty delicate position at the moment now that Hank knows a certain secret about Walt, but speaking as a part of a new interview with E! News, the actress says that she is, with one major condition, interested in seeing the show go on in some form after the last episode has aired:

“Why not? I mean, if there are some characters alive at the end, yeah! I would do four movies.”

We do very much get where Brandt is coming from with these comments, and we also admit that there is very much a part of us that also wants to see this show progress after season 5. However, the only way that a movie would really work for this show in our mind is if the series finale functioned as just a two-hour episode airing on AMC. We’re big believers in having a story told via largely one medium, and not forcing viewers to go back and forth. Plus, once you see the cinematic quality of something on the big screen, you want to have everything else more or less echo this feel. There’s just no way TV can do that without a massive budget.

Do you think that there should be a “Breaking Bad” movie?

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