World on Fire episode 3 preview: Will Tom find a way to survive?

World on FireAs we prepare for World on Fire episode 3 to arrive on BBC One in seven days’ time, what sort of stories can we anticipate seeing? We know that, for starters, you are going to have a chance to see a different paradigm and different struggles. It’s 1939 now, and with forces more scattered, that only means one thing: Even more struggles. For Tom, he will be in a position where his life is in jeopardy around every turn.

Meanwhile, for Harry and Louis, their struggle is different. After everything that they’ve gone through, it could be painful for the two of them to spend a lot of time together. So, what happens when they do and, beyond that, what happens when she ends up trying to find comfort elsewhere? We know that World on Fire is a show principally set around World War II, but we would be remiss if we were to sit here and call this solely “World War II” story. It’s more of a people story, framed in a way in which we learn more about those suffering, what made them tick, and how they sought to figure out their own future in this most difficult of times.

Want a few more details now for what lies ahead? Then we recommend checking out the World on Fire episode 3 synopsis below:

After enlisting in the navy, Tom finds himself on board the HMS Exeter in pursuit of the notorious Graf Spee, a German pocket battleship which has been picking off British merchant ships for months. A huge naval battle ensues, and Tom’s moral compass is reset as he watches the carnage and death around him.

As Tom fights for his life, Harry and Lois face a battle of their own. Harry is now a 2nd lieutenant, and is in France with the BEF, supervising the digging of foxholes and tank traps with his sergeant Stan, and trying to win the respect of his unit. When Lois arrives at the base camp to perform with ENSA, Harry’s two worlds collide. Lois is determined to ignore him and finds comfort in the arms of another soldier, Joe, who happens to belong to Harry’s unit, and there’s another shock in store for Harry when he later disciplines Joe…

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