The Blacklist season 7 spoilers: Is Dom’s ‘Rassvet’ story the truth?

The Blacklist logoAs we look ahead to The Blacklist season 7 episode 2, we also must inevitably look back somewhat on the series’ past. This is partially what happens in the aftermath of the “Rassvet” story as told by Dom. Beyond just that, it’s also what happens as Dom prepares to return to the series next week.

Is there a good chance that Dom’s story will take center stage next week? The simple answer that we can offer at the moment is “maybe.” There are no guarantees for any one thing at the moment. Yet, we have to imagine that it will be important eventually. It’s something to keep your eyes peeled on, especially in the event that Liz Keen does ever meet Katarina Rostova … which does feel very well possible at the moment.

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From the moment that “Rassvet” aired, there were questions surrounding how much of Dom’s story was true … but it seems as though most of it was. Speaking via TV Guide, executive producer Jon Bokenkamp noted that the show is not currently interested in just feeding you a full episode full of lies:

“We played very fair with the audience to not lay out a bunch of lies … I mean, we work very hard to be truthful to the mythology we’ve stepped out, and when we do these episodes that we dip into the past, we try very hard to be very clear with the audience about what happened.

“However, it is true that there is probably a little bit of wiggle room in what Elizabeth Keen was told by Dom in Episode 6×19 because it was a story told to her by Dom … It was sort of indicated at the end of that episode. Red said ‘What did you tell her? I want to know exactly what you told her.’ It doesn’t mean the majority of it wasn’t true. But is there room for a little bit of a white lie or things to shift just slightly, or for us to not know everything? Probably.”

This is some powerful stuff to keep in mind, and that also goes in mind with what we’ve said for weeks and months on end. It’s possible, for starters, that Dom just didn’t know all of the information that was out there. There could have been some little nuggets that were left out of it, mostly because he didn’t have access to every single part of Katarina’s history. It’s also possible that bias, or his own memory, got in the way.

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Do you think that Dom’s “Rassvet” story was the truth, a lie, or somewhere in between?

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