Is Billy Bob Thornton leaving Goliath after season 3 finale?


Is Billy Bob Thornton leaving Goliath after the season 3 finale? Is that really something that we should be worried about? On some level, it sounds like an absolutely-bonkers question, but it’s still something that the episode may leave you nervous about.

(There are some big spoilers within the rest of this article. Read on at your own risk.)

As we go through in our full finale review over at this link, Billy is shot straight in the chest by Diana at the end of the finale … which is hardly a ringing endorsement for the future of the character. This is the sort of ending that comes about when a producer desperately wants to dare a network/streaming provider to renew their show. This one is huge. How can Goliath move on without its central character? Is there any way for that to happen? These are questions viewers would be wondering, to go along, of course, with the status of Thornton himself.

For the time being, what we can tell you is this: There is no clear-cut evidence that we will be seeing Goliath move forward without Thornton. He has not expressed that he is leaving the show, though it’s also hard to know how Billy would survive such an ending. Could you continue the show forward without him? It’s hard to imagine that sort of situation, unless of course you were able to rope someone else in as a major character and try to rebuild the show in that way. If you do that, is Goliath really the same?

For now, it doesn’t benefit Thornton or anyone else to comment on this … unless Billy Bob is leaving. If that news comes out, it may happen within the next few days. Otherwise, just let this linger across the entire fandom. Let them ask questions about Billy’s future and then, if the show is renewed for more, further that conversation along. We want to believe he could live, but the writers are going to need to be very creative if they want to find a way to walk this ending back.

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Also it’s important to note that we don’t know the future of Tania Raymonde on the show (Brittany Gold). During the last episode it was revealed that her dreams of being a lawyer were not going to come true after the Bar Association told her that she wouldn’t be accepted. She then told Billy that’s she’s moving to Chicago! It is possible that Brittany has had enough of Chicago and is back in LA for a possible season 4, but as of right now it seems that she is gone.

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