Batwoman spoilers: Vesper Fairchild to be played by … Rachel Maddow?

BatwomanConsider this to be the most surprising news item of the day — MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has herself an acting gig!

According to a report from Deadline, Maddow is going to offer up her voice to play gossip host Vesper Fairchild throughout the upcoming CW series Batwoman. Fairchild could be someone you hear throughout the season but for now, the plan is not to have Maddow appear on-camera in the role. Instead, she will continue to voice lines that could stir up all sorts of trouble around Gotham City.

The casting is certainly a surprise, given that there are plenty of voice actors out there and casting a real-life news personality is obviously an unusual move. Yet, this may have been a deliberate choice for the sake of bringing more attention to Batwoman, a show that is getting some already for both its lead in Ruby Rose and then also the comic-book backstory. For Maddow, we imagine that this is an opportunity to have a little bit of fun — and she can probably record most of her lines in a short period of time. (Any future hope of her appearing is probably offset by the fact that she films her show on the other side of the continent from where Batwoman films in Vancouver.)

What this casting does show for a program like Batwoman is that there is a real attempt here in order to create as interesting and creative an environment as possible. The producers want to surprise you with not just the characters, but the ways that they are being presented. If there is one concern we have over this gig, though, it’s this: Are we going to just hear Maddow the whole time that we are listening to Vesper on the show? While Vesper is a gossip columnist, Maddow does have such a unique cadence that it is so unmistakably her. We feel like if you were to play just a three-second soundbite of her to a diehard viewer of her show, they would be able to point her out even if she was surrounded by other voices.

Batwoman will be premiering on The CW this weekend — if you didn’t hear the news about the injury Rose suffered while working on the show, be sure to visit the link here.

What do you think about Rachel Maddow voicing a character on Batwoman?

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