‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: First look at ‘Blood Brother’

If you hated the experimental episode of “Supernatural” that aired on Wednesday night, we have some good news coming your way not: it’s all over. Even if you did like it, you’re probably still going to be thrilled that the episode coming up on Halloween night is going to be a return to form for the show. Sam and Dean are once again going to be front and center, and the cinematography is not going to suddenly become something from the movie “Chronicle.”

The other good thing about Wednesday night’s episode is that it takes place on a certain holiday; and quite possibly more so than with any other show, you know that the “Supernatural” writers are going to complete bring it in an effort to scare your pants clean off and/or freak you out. Based on what we are seeing so far, vampires are going to be the key here … but not the sparkly kind you see in “Twilight” or the ones who keep falling in love with the same girl like in “The Vampire Diaries.” Instead, this is the wicked vamp known as Benny, who has become a thorn the size of Alaska in the side of Dean as of late.

What’s the twist this time? We are actually going to see Benny seek out Dean’s help after he is beaten by a number of other vampires. Meanwhile, with Sam we are going to see what may very well be the most frightening thing of all: the idea of a life that is in a word normal. This episode will flashback on what his life was like with Amelia when his brother was in purgatory, and how he was starting to get used to something new for a stretch of time that he personally found to be a rather refreshing change of pace.

What are you the most excited to see in this episode?

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