Chicago PD season 7: Is Darius Walker one of the show’s best Big Bads?

Chicago PD season 7 episode 2On Wednesday night’s new episode of Chicago PDthe NBC series did its part to emphasize a new adversary in Darius Walker. Yet, is he really going to be an adversary in the eyes of everyone? This is partially what makes him such a notable foe for this show.

When you think about it, Walker is the sort of character who is going to stir up all sorts of discussion among a number of different viewers. He’s almost a vigilante in that in his mind, he has a particular agenda and feels justified in what he’s doing. He’s a drug kingpin, but rather than just keeping a lot of it for himself, he is investing a lot of it back into the local black community. He’s working to offer up education and allowing people to have a better future.

Is he breaking the law? Absolutely, but in his mind he’s breaking it with a good cause at the center of it. He thinks that the city of Chicago is better because he’s a part of it … even if that may be a hard thing for a lot of people to otherwise digest.

The question for PD now moving forward is whether or not Intelligence and beyond can get on the same page about him. We’ve already seen Walker try to stir up conversation with Atwater, and over time, we could see his actions leading to more and more of a divided unit in terms of what to do about him. His argument appears to be that if you take him out of the equation, the next kingpin who comes in will be entirely selfish — and with that, not anywhere near as interested in helping out the surrounding community. He feels like he is the better option for the perservation of the city and his people, so rest assured that this is a story we feel like Chicago PD will revisit over time.

Oh, and let’s also not forget the other good news that came about tonight — Ruzek is now back as a part of Intelligence!

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