‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Grant Gustin’s Sebastian returns!

For quite a while earlier this year, it was starting to look like there was not going to be a familiar face present when it came to the Dalton Academy Warblers in Sebastian. Why? We don’t know, but there were just all sorts of reports about him potentially not being a part of the show anymore. Ryan Murphy also had said at one point that the ball was in Grant Gustin’s court when it came to whether or not he wanted to see his character appear again.

Well, it looks now like Gustin has definitely answered the call, as the actor has posted on his Twitter account that he will indeed be back for at least some sort of part on the show’s fourth season. What sort of role will his character play? Presumably, we will be seeing him once again trying to land the Warblers some success beyond just Regionals this year. However, we already know that there is a major twist this season, as one of Sebastian’s fellow Warblers is going to make it his mission to recruit Blaine back to the fold.

So could there really be a chance at a Sebastian / Blaine romance this year? It’s possible, since we are looking at a character who is single now, and we already know that Sebastian is in fact interested. The only thing that could hold him back here is simply the history; even though Sebastian turned over a new leaf at the end of last season, he is still a guy who threw a slushie full of rocks at Kurt, which ended up hitting Blane in the face instead.

What do you think about Sebastian coming back, and do you see a new romance with Kurt in the cards?

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