Mayans MC season 2 episode 6 preview: Shootout consequences

Mayans MCMoving into Mayans MC season 2 episode 6 next week on FX, one thing echos: Every action carries with it major consequences. Following what happened with the shootout tonight, it’s pretty clear that the consequences coming up are vast beyond measure.

Let’s start things off with a reminder of the key events of tonight: Adelita deciding to be the de facto sacrificial lamb. Even with her out of the equation, everything can still run around her as planned. She is the biggest threat in the eyes of Lincoln Potter, so without her in the mix, there’s a chance that everything could start to be a little more manageable. That was at least her perception … but that perception is no longer reality. In killing some of the transport, what the Mayans have ensured now is that he’s got an added incentive to go after them. Maybe Adelita can convince them otherwise, but that’s not something that will be done all that easily.

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Below, CarterMatt has the full Mayans MC season 2 episode 6 synopsis with some other news all about what’s coming up next:

Violent actions yield violent ramifications for both the MC and Galindo cartels.

The other major storyline that we’re left to wonder about is merely what’s going to come next with Felipe’s secret? Emily’s found out so much more about Ignacio and Dita’s relationship in the past, and maybe she’s started to put two and two together. With that in mind, we could be in a situation now moving forward where we start to get a better sense about everything, including Dita’s past, her endgame, and whether or not this secret can stay buried. We’re willing to bet on the answer there is a big resounding “no,” mostly because this secret is a whole lot less interesting if it is just stored away somewhere.

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